The brief history of school

stary budynek szkolyThe primary school in Janowice is situated in the center of the village. Pupils of our school are not only from Janowice but also from the nearest of it. Till the 80’s of the XIX century children had gained education in Bestwina Primary School. Later on Józef Ślisarczyk decided to give one of his rooms to educational purposes. At the same time Antoni Kubik as the deputy of Vienna Parliament desired for Janowice school to be built. In 1913 the new school was beginning to appear. The first building had one classroom and the other one had only two classrooms. The buildings lacked sanitation devices. Children had been learning in those two buildings until 1964.

The decision of building a new school was made again by Antoni Kwaśny in 1963. People from Janowice were helping by their work and financially to create school building. Katowice Coal – Mine participated in the works, too. Vice versa the school was to hire the building for the coal- mine workers’ children summer holiday camps.nowy budynek szkoly

The corner stone was build in 1963. On the 22 July 1964 (in order to commemorate the anniversary of coming into being The Polish People’s Republic) the new school building was opened. The Primary School is the Millennium Country monument. Since the 19 December 1991 Maria Konopnicka has been the patron of our school. The Day of the School Patron is celebrated every May. In September 2001 the Kindergarten became the part of our school. Now the name of the school is Zespół Szkolno – Przedszkolny in Janowice ( The Primary – Kindergarten School Group in Janowice). At present the school has been renovated and renewed and it has got a new image. Everyone envies us about it and we have got much pleasure to learn in it.

Text: M.A. Jolanta Kuczyńska