Description of the Bestwina Parish

Bestwina is in the south- west of Malopolska region. It is in the part of Oświęcimska valley which is surrounded – from the north- by Vistula River and from the west by Białka River. Much part of Bestwina has got nurseries whose history comes from the XIV century.The most beautiful part of Bestwina is the mixed forest area from where peaks of Beskid Mały are well noticeable.

It is the agricultural parish. Bestwina has got well organized and prosperous farms- market gardens, fish- breeding estates and stock- farms. Almost every farm possesses water mains and gas ones. Two gravel- pits give employments to many local people. Four Primary schools, four Kindergartens and the Parish Public Library perform their duties. The name of the locality stems from the beginning of the XIV century and its history is one thousand years old. Bestwina parish includes four village administrator’s offices: Bestwina, Bestwinka, Janowice and Kaniów.


 Janowice z lotu ptakaIts position and description

Janowice lies on Wilamowice Plateau and is one of the smallest village in Bestwina Parish. There lives about 1544 persons on about 706 hectares Janowice place. Janowice is divided into some areas: Janowice Centre one, Pasieki one, Podlesie one and Targanice one. Janowice borders upon Hałcnów, Bestwina and Stara Wieś. Most of the Janowice territory is covered with forest(Janowicki forest and Pasiecki forest). Janowice has got varied landscape with narrow hills (which are 320 meters above sea level), canyons and ravines with coppices.

A lot of part of Janowice is for farm grounds with fertile soil. Corn, root crops and vegetables are cultivated. Swine, cattle, carps and poultry are raised and breeded there.

The history of Janowice village (general ideas)

The history of Janowice is strictly connected with the history of Bestwina village. Janowice village belonged to so called “ Bestwiński ring”. It meant that the owners of Bestwina were the owners of Janowice. The first “Bestwiński ring” owner was Schomko (1333). Later on the ring was the possession  of Jan and Miklusz Klochowie (1454-1480) then the ring passed to Jan Myszkowski (1480). He founded Janowice as the typically forest village.

In the XIX century there was the windmill and an inn in Janowice. A new school and a wooden gamekeeper’s cottage were built in 1853. In 1954-1955 Janowice became fully independent village.

Legends (general ideas)

There are some legends connected with the name “Janowice”:

-         In the XV century the owner of Janowice was Jan Myszkowski. Probably the designation “Janowice” comes from his name.

-         Long time ago plenty of men were named “Jan”

-         The designation “Janowice” could come from the card game called “Wice” played by men named “Jan”.

-         Or from the name of Jan III Sobieski who crossed Janowice after his battle

It was presented by : M.A. Barbara Nycz