Let’s have a look at our school

Our school was formally used for the first time in 1964. At present it is after great repair and it is the beautiful building in our village. When we come into our school area we can easily notice flower- beds, stone gardens and the sports field. The magnificent front entrance to the school welcome its visitors.wejscie do szkoły

szatnie    świetlica    stołówka




There are a cloak- room, a school day- room, the School Educator office, a canteen and a pupils’ shop on the ground floor. In the school day- room we can spend free time after lessons in a very nice and funny way. In the pupils’ shop we buy buns and other dainties.

pracownia komputerowa    sala gimnastyczna   

The first floor is typically for learning. There are the Maths- Scientific classroom, the Computer Studies classroom, the Art classroom, the Humanistic classroom and the gym. The most modern and the most splendid of all classroom is the Computer Studies one. The computers are brand new ones with the Internet which is all the time available. On the first floor there is also the school library.

kącik zabaw w przedszkolu      klasa pierwsza    korytarz

  klasa druga                    przedszkolacy

The second floor is much more different one. Colourful rooms and toys are situated there. We can meet kindergarten children and the first, second and third class pupils on the second floor. The director office, the secretary office, the common room and the hygienist room are placed there.

The stone flower bed

Our school has got beautiful stone flower bed full of different plants species and rocks. It helps to find out more about flowers’ construction, seeds, insects’ watching: bees, butterflies or ants.



        There is nice and sincere atmosphere in our school.